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Until now, TV has been the most effective but also the most cost-prohibitive media buy. Cable television has changed all that! GTel Cable offers you the power of television at rates lower than radio, print and network TV! For as little as $1-$4 per commercial aired, your message can reach the 1,000+ households that subscribe to GTel Cable – that’s a viewership more than 4,200 people in Germantown and Clermont! Advertising your business on Fox News, ABC Family, Sci-Fi, TBS, USA, CNN, ESPN and TNT ensures maximum exposure, clout and credibility for your message. And if you don’t have a commercial, we can help with that too. Starting at just $500, we can produce a custom TV commercial just for your business, like the dozens you’ve already seen on GTel Cable. Interested? Call or Email Lynn at 537.GTEL (4835) for more information.