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Voice Mail

Never miss another message! GTel Voice Mail can answer all your calls with your personal, changeable, and high-quality greeting when you are away from your home or office, using the Internet – even when you are on the phone! All messages are time- and date-stamped and can be retrieved, saved or deleted from a push-button phone at any time of day. Voice mail is hassle-free and easy to use and there is no additional equipment to buy or maintain!

GTel Voice Mail

Basic Packages starting at $4.50/mo Residential $7.95/mo Business

Our newest Voice Mail features include:

• Multiple Greetings: You can pre-record multiple greetings, so you can change greetings at the
touch of a button – perfect for the person on the go.

• Auto Log-in: From your home phone, auto login allows you to bypass dialing your mailbox number
and password. Refer to the User Guide

• Pager Notification: Set your messages to be forwarded to another number such as your vacation
home or your mobile device.

• Message Forward: You can now forward a message to another GTel Voice Mail customer.

• Message Reply: Allows you to call back the party that left the message or leave that person
a message with the push of a button.

Contact us at 537.GTEL (4835) to sign up for Voicemail today.