Hamlet Hotspot


We’ve been working hard to perfect the process of connecting you to high-speed broadband service in the Germantown Hamlet.  While we get all of the kinks worked out, you’ll be able to take advantage of this high-quality GTel service on special occasions and long weekends.  Just check in with us on Facebook or on the web to find out when we’ll be lighting up the Hamlet with lightning fast speed.

Let us know what you think – stop in our office at 210 Main Street , send us a note at questions@gtel.net, or message us on Facebook!

GTel has brings lightning fast Internet to the Hamlet!

Using state-of-the-art technology powered by two Wireless Access Points, Germantown visitors will enjoy FREE WI-FI CONNECTION in the Hamlet during our Free Wi-Fi weekends on their smart phones, laptops, tablets, or other smart devices.  From the Municipal Parking Lot to Church Avenue, you’ll be covered and connected!

  Save your cellular data while you shop or dine!