Nexstar Channel Negotiations

Nexstar Channel Negotiations

An agreement has been reached and all WTEN channels will remain in your television lineup

  • 10 – ABC (WTEN)
  • 410 – ABC (WTEN) HD
  • 17 – getTV
  • 142 – Court TV Mystery
  • 143 – True Crime Network


For additional information about rate negotiations and how we fight to keep costs down for you, please visit


There are many other ways to watch programming from this station:

  • Every local station is available free over-the-air and most TVs today can tune directly to these signals when paired with an inexpensive antenna.
  • Many stations make their local newscasts available on their own websites, and the major TV networks typically make series available free online, often with little delay.
  • Many major broadcast stations are available on streaming platforms including fuboTV, Hulu + and YouTube TV