Broadband Expansion Project

Updates and Information

As you may already know, GTel was lucky enough to have been awarded government funding from the New NY Broadband Program, which was created in 2015 to help provide unserved and underserved areas in New York with sufficient broadband services.

Over the past year, we have been working with State officials, engineers, and contractors to plan out the upgrade and expansion of our service area.  Our engineering company, Vantage Point Solutions, began staking the project in late 2017.  We began construction in some high priority areas in early 2018.

The first phase of the build focused on completing the territory “express fibers”.  These fibers are included in the main distribution cables that span along State and County roads, building the backbone to which all of the homes will then connect.

Because of the breadth of the project, we’ve been enlisting the services of local New York contractors, including Schupp’s Line Construction.  Schupp’s is a certified, family owned and operated construction company that shares many of the same values as GTel – pride, quality and service.  Now that construction is underway, you will see Schupp’s and GTel vehicles and employees working together to get the job done.

To learn more about the New NY Broadband Program, visit them online here.

GTel is working diligently across our newly expanded territory to activate our new network and connect new subscribers. Here’s a glimpse of where we stand in some of those areas.


  • Town of Germantown
    • All streets are active
  • Town of Clermont
    • All streets are active
  • Town of Gallatin
    • County Route 8
    • Taghkanic Rd (Between Rt 8 & Benton Rd)
    • Green Acres Rd
    • Ridge Rd
    • Snyderville Rd (off of Route 8)
    • Karwacki Rd
    • Kozlowski Rd
    • Benton Rd
    • Hull Rd
    • Rt 82 (from Taconic Pkwy to Wilmer Hill Rd)
    • New Forge Rd II
    • Decker Rd
    • Hill Top Rd
    • Elsohn Rd
    • Wilmer Hill Rd
    • Tinker Hill Rd
    • Route 7 (east of Route 11)
    • Mill Hill Rd
    • Gallatinville Rd
    • Route 11
    • Route 7 (from Rt. 11 to Jackson Corners Rd)
    • Silvernail Rd
    • Sigler Rd
    • East Pond Lily Rd
    • Doodletown Rd
    • E. Klein Rd
    • Green Hill Rd
    • Skiba Rd
    • Barnett Rd
    • Near Rd
    • Jackson Corners Rd (from Taconic Pkwy to Rt. 7)
  • Town of Taghkanic
    • Taghkanic Rd (Between Benton Rd & Sopak Rd)
    • Dranbauer Rd
    • Sopak Rd
    • Sugar Mountain Rd
    • Reesa Rd
    • Brothers Rd
    • Route 82 (from Taconic Pkwy to Half Circle Rd)
    • Route 27 (from New Forge Rd to Tompkins Rd)
    • Tompkins Rd
    • Wilson Rd
    • Bainer Rd
    • Westfall & Allen Rd
    • New Forge Rd I


  • Town of Taghkanic
    • Route 15 (From Rte 8 to Rte 82)
    • Rte 82 (between Rte 10 and Old Oak Rd)
    • Livingston Rd
    • Taghkanic Rd (between Sopok Rd and Livingston Rd)
    • Near Rd (off of Taghkanic Rd)
    • Old Rte 82 (between Rte 10 Livingston Town Line)
    • Feller Rd
    • Cross Street (off of Rte 82)
    • Rte 82 (from Old Oak Rd to Willowbrook Rd)
  • Town of Livingston
    • Willowbrook Rd (off of Rte 82)
    • Old Route 82 (from Livingston Town Line to Rte 82)
    • Short Rd
    • Weaver Rd
    • Rte 82 (from Deer Hollow Dr to Hamm Rd)
    • Water St (from Rte 82 to Taghkanic Creek)
    • Schneider Rd (between Rte 82 and Estok Rd)
    • Partridge Rd
    • Estok Rd
    • Ten Broeck Rd (between Rte 82 and Water St)
    • Water Street (from Taghkanic Creek to Bells Pond Rd)
    • Bells Pond Rd (From Water St to Jacqueline Rd)
    • Mambert Rd (off of Water St)


Do you live on one of the streets listed above but haven’t connected to GTel Fiber? We can help you determine if your address can be activated now, or inform you of the timeline for activation.  Contact our Customer Service Team at 518-537-GTEL (4835) or visit our Address Lookup page to search and register your home. If you’re street is turned on, you can even select your services and hold your place on our installation calendar.

We look forward to serving you!