Keeping you connected with Home Phone service

Keeping you Connected

At GTel, we strive to provide you with the service you remember and the technology you imagine.  You can customize your home phone by adding easy-to-use custom calling features for more control of the calls you make and receive. 

We also offer these low cost services…

  • In-home Wire Maintenance
  • Long Distance calling plans
  • Residential and Business pre-wiring
  • Voicemail

GTel Telephone customers, see the activation codes and more details on our custom calling features on page 21 (Calling Features) in the latest version of the Tri-County Directory. 

Don’t have a directory?  Stop by our Business Office at 210 Main Street in Germantown to pick one up today. You can also find them at some of our local businesses in the area.

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Do I need to have a phone line?

In some areas, you are required to subscribe to GTel Telephone service with an active Internet service. Learn more about this requirement.

Lifeline Discount Eligibility

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Calling Features & Options

We offer a number of custom calling features that make your communications experience easy and individual.