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GTel Telephone Calling Features

At GTel, we strive to provide you with the service you remember and the technology you imagine.

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Call Hold
You can dial a special code to place someone on hold. You can also place a call on hold, hang up, listen for ringing, & retrieve the call from another extension off the same phone line.
Call Return
With CALL RETURN missed calls are a thing of the past! You can return the last call you received—automatically. If you have CALL WAITING, you can even use CALL RETURN to return your last CALL WAITING call! (Charges apply)
Distinctive Ringing
Program an additional phone number to your line. Your primary line will have a normal ring, while the other number will have it’s own distinctive ring for incoming calls.
Speed Calling
Allows fast, accurate dialing. You can call selected phone numbers quickly by dialing a short code.
Warm Line
Allows you to call a designated number or emergency services by simply lifting the handset.
Caller ID

Caller ID Name and Number allows you to see the name and telephone number, if available, of the person who is calling. This feature gives you the advantage of seeing the calls you missed while you were out. Telephones equipped with Call ID or a special display unit are required.

Call Waiting
Alerts you with a beep during a telephone conversation that another call is coming in, giving you many of the advantages of a second line for a fraction of the cost. It makes missed calls & busy signals things of the past!
Do Not Disturb
Prevents your phone from ringing when you don’t want interruptions. Callers who know your Personal Identification Number can still ring you.
Priority Ringing
Want to know when someone special is calling? This nifty service allows you to create a list of priority numbers. Whenever someone on your list calls, your phone will ring with a special ring. And if you also have CALL WAITING, your “beep” will be special too! (When anyone else calls, you’ll hear a standard ring or CALL WAITING tone.)
Wake-Up Service

You can program your phone to call you at a predetermined time just like a five-star hotel! You’ll never be late again!

Caller Waiting ID
Allows you to see the name and number of the person calling while you’re already on the phone.
Call Screening
This service allows you to block all calls from certain numbers. When anyone on the list calls, your phone won’t even ring. Instead, the caller will hear an announcement that you are not receiving calls.
Find Me/Follow Me
Automatically rings a configured list of numbers sequentially if you do not answer your home phone.
Reminder Calls
Allows you to schedule calls at a set time of day with specific announcements.
Three Way Calling
As the name implies, you can have a three-way conversation—without a fancy phone system. Makes sense for conversations with business associates, family & friends!
Call Forwarding
Allows you to redirect all calls to another telephone number, so you can get your calls wherever you are! Since your calls follow you, you’ll never miss a call. And it enhances home security when you are away.
Call Trace
If you’ve ever received an obscene, threatening or harassing call, you know how upsetting it can be. CALL TRACE gives you the power to trace such a call—even those that display blocked or private on Caller ID. When a call is successfully traced, we capture & print it at GTel for use by law enforcement. After receiving an offensive call, hang up. Immediately pick up & listen for dial tone. (CALL TRACE traces your last incoming call, so if you delay & receive a subsequent incoming call or CALL WAITING call, you will trace that number instead of the offending number.)
Personal Ringing
Allows your line to have up to two phone numbers, each with its own special ring.
Repeat Dialing
While REPEAT DIALING is activated, you may still make & receive other calls.The service will continuously attempt to call back a busy number for 30 minutes. You can use REPEAT DIALING for more than one busy number at a time. You will hear a special ring when one number becomes idle; however, you will not be able to tell which of the numbers it is. If the number you are trying to reach is outside the service area, you’ll get a recording.
Missed calls are answered and can be retrieved, sent, and saved from any touch-tone phone 24-hours a day. Read more on our Voicemail features
Preferred Call Forwarding
Need to be two places at once? You can with PREFERRED CALL FORWARDING. First, you need to create a list of special numbers. When you turn on the service, if someone on your list calls you, the call is automatically forwarded to the number you specify. All other calls will ring normally.
Special Call Acceptance
This service is for when you don’t want to be bothered—except for really important calls. First you create a list of numbers from which you want to accept calls. When activated, your phone will only ring for calls from one of these numbers. All others will get an announcement.
Program up to 32 numbers to ring at the same time your home phone rings. Answer the call on any device or location that is programmed.  Make your landline mobile!
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Additional Information

See the Codes and more details on these advanced features on page 21 (Calling Features) in the latest version of the Tri-County Directory. Don’t have a directory? Stop by our business office at 210 Main Street, Germantown to pick up one today!