Total Wi-Fi

Your local answer to the challenges of wireless connections in your home, apartment, barns, farms and more!

Wi-Fi is no longer an “extra” for most homes; it’s become a critical component of connectivity.  Today’s households require a wireless connection that is reliable and secure.  On top of the challenge of building your own wireless network also comes the complicated task of maintaining the connections and equipment!

Our managed wireless solution has the ability to…

  • View and manage access points and gateways
  • View devices connected to your router
  • View signal strength for devices on your network
  • View bandwidth consumption for devices on your network
  • Manage wireless extenders
  • Have improved levels of security
  • Get performance and security alerts
  • Manage guests and guest networks

Why Total Wi-Fi?

Enterprise-grade Equipment

Featuring Calix Gigacenter and Mesh products to cover the areas where you need a little more reach.

Ease of Deployment and Scalability

Low-cost installation and flexible infrastructure to grow your network as you grow your needs.

Local Technical Support

Get help when you need it from the people you trust.

Secure and Cost-Effective

We take care of firmware updates for the latest enhancements and security.

Find the right speed for your needs.

No Project Too Big Or Too Small

GTel offers two levels of residential wireless service and support. Our entry-level Total Wi-Fi starts at just $8.95 per month and includes a free home evaluation before the installation of our dual-band router and one additional access point. We’ll provide you with detailed recommendations for the placement of access points based on your needs and the layout of your home.  You get 24/7 cloud-based service and support and access to the free NetValet Wireless Management App, to give you control of your wireless network’s name and password.

Our Whole-Home Wi-Fi support includes all that our base-level has to offer with an additional two access points and no cost site visits, ever.  That’s right, more access points and no trip charges for only $15.95 per month. If you have any issues connecting devices inside your home, one of our technicians will help you remotely and even make a site visit to your location to ensure our devices are working properly. (Charges may apply for work performed to connect or troubleshoot your devices)

SIMPLE & Scalable Packages


Customer Testimonials

“Had a problem, but it was taken care of quickly and efficiently. Very knowledgeable and friendly staff.”


“A pleasure; from my representative on the phone to my in person visit. Thanks for being a small company in my area!”


“Very professional, knowledgable and courteous. Everyone did an excellent job.  A great team to work with.”


“Polite, courteous, professional and honest.  Very well trained and knowledgeable staff.”


We’ve Been Servicing Southern Columbia County with Internet Services since 1995

From dial-up access to fiber-to-the-home, GTel and our employees have come a long way in the past 20+ years.   We’re constantly developing our knowledge and services to provide our customers with the most relevant and high-quality entertainment and communication needs.

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