GTel Price Changes 2019

Get detailed information about price changes for GTel TV Packages

Since the introduction of our Digital IPTV product ten years ago, GTel has worked diligently to maintain low monthly rates while continually improving our service offerings to our customers.  Constant advancements in technology and equipment have increased the cost to provide our subscribers with the quality services they expect.  These costs also include rate increases from all the local off-air broadcast channels.

GTel prides itself in offering quality services at competitive prices with no hidden fees or short-term gimmicks like our competitors.  We will continue to advocate the best pricing for our customers, as well as continuing to look for ways to improve our services, enhance our service offerings, or pass savings back to our customers. We encourage you to contact a local GTel Customer Assistant to discuss our many service offerings, including our brand new money-saving service packages. Visit our GTel TV page here for a complete channel lineup and other information regarding your current cable service.

Due to increases from programmers and equipment, the monthly rate for our Basic TV service will be increasing by a total of $8.00.   In order to reduce the impact of this increase, Basic TV subscribers will notice a partial increase ($4.00) on your May 1, 2019 billing statement, followed by the remaining increase ($4.00) on your August 1, 2019 billing statement.*  The below services will increase on May 1, 2019.

GTel Service

Monthly Price Increase

Basic TV Service *$8.00
Expanded TV Service $2.00
Premium Movie Packages
No Increase
Wireless Set Top Box
Wired Set Top Box No Increase
Maintenance Visit
$25 (new item*)
Service Order Charge
$10 (new item*)

*Explanation of New Items:

  • Wireless Set Top Box: Maximize the value of your additional TVs by adding a wireless set top box to your home.  Best for seasonal use locations like basements or spare rooms; no strings attached.
  • Maintenance Visit Charge: A flat rate will be billed to the subscriber for the first 1/2-hour of a maintenance premise visit in relation to service issues where the cause of the issue is proven to be by user error or customer owned equipment malfunction. This may be billed to a customer if they are reluctant or unwilling to participate in remote troubleshooting with GTel support staff.  This does not apply to any issues caused by external GTel infrastructure, malfunctioning GTel owned equipment caused by usual wear-and-tear, or provisioning issues.
  • Service Order Charge:  A flat rate will be billed to the subscriber for service feature changes or upgrades that require network or equipment provisioning. (*No charges will be billed for service level downgrades or disconnected services.)

Miscellaneous GTel TV Rates and Charges


Flat Rate

New Digital TV Installation (1 set)
Additional Set Installation (original visit)
Additional Set Installation (separate visit)
Relocate Set (Internal or External, per set)
Reinstall Existing Cable Service (per set)
Device Setup (original visit)
Device Setup (separate visit)
Program TV Service Call
Reconnect from Non-Payment

*Charges will apply for late payments or un-returned equipment. Certain restrictions apply.  Call for Details